Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tool 5

Some of the kids in my class recently made a Stupeflix video for a science project we were working on, so I decided to try this for one of my Tool #5 requirements.  These videos are fun and easy to make.  I just uploaded some pictures I had on my computer, but I know it's also easy to use ones you find online.  Add music, set your times and you are done!  Biggest limitation is the under 60 seconds requirement to keep it free. Plus, I'm not seeing how I could embed this, but I know we did in December...  a little more research is obviously required!  Ok, I found it, whew!  See video below.

Here's a link to my classroom blog...

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  1. Looks very comparable to Animoto. Only pics for this and no text? Whereas in Animoto you can add text. I have seen your students in the library with Walpole/Kronke using this program, but haven't investigated it myself yet.

  2. It is very similar to animoto and does allow text, I just didn't put any other than the title slide I guess. What I like about it over animoto is that the kids are already logged into it when they log into their district google accounts.

    1. Sorry, didn't read your response to Sue before responding!

  3. You can add text in Stupeflix! In fact, you can add title slide that are only text or you can add text to images. I like the 1 minute limitation for students since I can remember spending far too much classtime sharing products that are too long! Maybe we should spend any classtime sharing and just embed all in a wiki! Maybe share the ones the kids vote as the top three!